Museum Expansion To 10A Crescent Road is Finalized


Daffodils bloom on the grounds of 10A Crescent, future site of the Museum’s Visitor and Education Center.

In March 2016, the City of Greenbelt finalized its plans to acquire 10A Crescent Rd, the home next door to the Museum’s historic house at 10B Crescent and took possession of the house. The months-long process included a museum presentation at a City Council meeting in December 2015, subsequent hearings, and Greenbelt Homes Incorporated Board meetings. 10A Crescent Road will provide space for the Museum to expand and will feature space for additional programming and museum education. It will also house a Greenbelt visitor center, a research and reading room, collections storage, and office. The Museum is grateful to everyone who has expressed support for the project, who spoke at the City Council meetings, who contacted GHI with their thoughts, and to the Dwyer family, residents of 10A for nearly 60 years, for their patience with this process.

On May 15, 2016, in conjunction with a Hands On History Day, from 1pm to 3pm, the Museum is offering a sneak peek of 10A.  Everyone is invited to stop by, have a look around, and share thoughts on which museum functions they feel are the most important. Now that the City of Greenbelt (in GHI terms) has purchased the perpetual right to use the space, the Friends of the Greenbelt Museum Board of Directors have begun the process of transforming the space into a Visitor and Education Center, but we need input from the community we serve!

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