It’s Gala Time! Greenbelt Celebrates its 75th Anniversary!

The long-awaited 75th Anniversary Gala weekend is finally here. The dinner dance gala to be held at 7:30pm at Martins Crosswinds is completely sold out – over 450 are planning to attend!  But if you don’t have tickets, not to worry – there is so much to do in Greenbelt over the weekend! If you’re from one of Greenbelt’s Pioneer Families (“pioneers” are how we refer to Greenbelt’s earliest residents – as they were “pioneers in a new way of living” according to one early resident) – you’ll want to stop in to the Pioneer Family Welcome Room– Room 114 in the Community Center, 15 Crescent Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770 (formerly Center School). The room will be open  Saturday  9am-10pm & Sunday 9am-7pm and a light, casual brunch will be served on Sunday from 11am-1pm.

Visitors and residents alike are invited to:

  • Reminisce in the new Greenbelt Museum exhibition, Greenbelt: The First 75 Years, 1937-2012 ,Community Center, Room 110. Bring copies of photos to post!
  • Attend the Utopia Film Festival’s screening of three Greenbelt-related films– The City, Home: The Langston Terrace Dwellings, and Greenbelt: A Model Community, the Museum’s 11-minute orientation film
  • Visit the Museum’s historic house at 10B Crescent Road, Sunday 1-5pm 
  • Join in the fun of the city’s Fall Fest at Schrom Hills Park, Sunday, 2-6pm, 6915 Hanover Parkway, Greenbelt, MD 20770

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