Hometown Heroes: 75 Years of Extraordinary Greenbelt Women

Image courtesy of Library Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, WPA Poster Collection

Please note: Tickets for the June 3 performances are now SOLD OUT!  The Greenbelt Museum is pleased to partner with alight dance theater this spring to co-produce Hometown Heroes: 75 Years of Extraordinary Greenbelt Women. This series of site specific interactive dance performances will take place in and around the Museum’s historic house at 10B Crescent Road, and will celebrate the stories of the women who have made Greenbelt such a dynamic and inspiring place to live since 1937. Using oral histories, period props and costumes, the performances will explore the experiences of the women who lived in Greenbelt as young mothers and “homemakers” in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s to the present day.

Audience members will be led through the historic home by the dancers of alight dance theater. The performance tours are scheduled for June 3 and 24 and July 15 and 22, at 1pm, 1:30pm, 2pm, and 2:30pm. Because of the small size of the house, each performance tour can only accommodate 6-8 people, so reserving your tickets ahead of time is strongly recommended.  You can purchase tickets on Sundays beginning May 20 at the Museum House, 10B Crescent Road. Or you can reserve tickets by contacting Megan Searing Young, Director of the Greenbelt Museum at museum@greenbeltmd.gov or (301) 507-6582. Tickets can also be purchased at the door, depending on availability. Tickets are $3 for general admission, $1 for Museum members and seniors.

In addition to the performances at the Museum house, the Hometown Heroes project, as envisioned by Angella Foster, Artistic Director of alight dance theater, has many other components including an oral history/dance event at Springhill Lake Elementary, an exhibition which will open August 30 in the Community Gallery in the Community Center, and a film of the Museum performances. Says Foster, “I conceived of Hometown Heroes as a project that would reach across generations of Greenbelt women and celebrate all that women of all ages and experiences contribute to our beautiful community.  Like every project, this work is shaping me as the artist as much as I have shaped it. Working with the girls at Springhill Lake Elementary and listening to oral histories from the museum archives have given me a new sense of being part of the fabric of this community and encouraged me to keep finding ways to cultivate creative community where ever I go. I hope that everyone who experiences the Hometown Heroes project will walk away feeling more connected to not just the history of Greenbelt but to the promise of this place, that intentional community could be a transformational and enduring legacy.” For more information about alight dance theater, visit the alight website, find them on Facebook, or read about the project on kickstarter.org

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