75th Anniversary Symposium: Sustaining Greenbelt’s Legacy – A Success!

The 75th Anniversary Symposium: Sustaining Greenbelt’s Legacy was held April 27-28 here in Greenbelt, Maryland. The event was well attended with over 200 registrants and an impressive array of scholars, City staffers, residents and activists gave presentations on everything from cooperatives to construction of the Beltway and from religion to recycling. The event provided a forum for important burgeoning dialogues not just about Greenbelt’s history, but also about historic preservation, sustainability, race, age, and sexual orientation. The highlight of the weekend was a keynote address on Saturday afternoon from Dr. Mervyn Miller, “From the British Garden City to Greenbelt and Back to the English New Towns.” Dr. Miller’s fascinating talk explored the flow of ideas and information about garden cities across the Atlantic. Read more about the Symposium at the following sites: Greenbelt Patch, Eric Zhang’s excellent blog covering Greenbelt’s anniversary year, and the Greenbelt News Review.

One thought on “75th Anniversary Symposium: Sustaining Greenbelt’s Legacy – A Success!

  1. My family was one of the first 50 families to move into Greenbelt. My parents and two brothers moved in October of 1937. I was born that December and my sister in 1942. I lived there until I was 15. We attended Mass in the theater until our Catholic church was built. I was the first girl allowed to be a “order boy” who hauled groceries in our wagons from the CO-OP store to people’s homes .I have some fond memories. Movies were 10 cents! There were sidewalks that made it safe for us to walk everywhere. I also remember the open sided covered neighborhood garages. I lived at 33-B Ridge Road. In the summer some of us kids would wait for the fathers to go to work then we would sweep the gravel dust and oil from the garage concrete floor and turn the area into our own skating rink. What fun.I remain in touch with my childhood friend, Nana, who lived next door to us. I attended the 50th Anniversary of Greenbelt.
    I currently reside in Pawleys Island, SC

    Happy 75th Anniversary Greenbelt!

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