75th Anniversary Symposium: Sustaining Greenbelt’s Legacy

In honor of Greenbelt’s 75th year, the 75th Anniversary committee has planned a year’s worth of events and activities. The 75th Anniversary Symposium: Sustaining Greenbelt’s Legacy, one of the signature events of the year, begins this Friday, April 27, and continues Saturday, April 28 at the Greenbelt Community Center. The full day and a half of sessions and panels will offer a fascinating look back at Greenbelt’s past,  capture where Greenbelt is today and look to the future, to imagine where the community may be headed. Academics from several universities, city staff and Greenbelt residents examine the city’s enduring legacies in terms of  community  planning, recreation, cooperative ventures and citizen activism. Thursday, April 26, 6pm-8pm, the Greenbelt Museum will host an open house at 10B Crescent where signed copies of the new book, Images of America: Greenbelt will be available for sale. Dr. Mervyn Miller, an English planning historian, delivers a keynote address, “From The British Garden City to Greenbelt and  Back to the English New Towns. ” at 1:00 pm, Saturday, April 28. For additional information, visit www.greenbeltmd.gov/75 . Advanced registration is closed, but you may register at the door, please fill out this form and bring it with you. The symposium will take place at the Greenbelt Community Center, 15 Crescent Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770.

Also this weekend, join the Museum for a free walking tour – part of a pilot program we are in the process of developing. The Museum has been experimenting with offering walking tours which leave from the historic house on Sundays as walking through the historic community is one of the best ways to experience Greenbelt’s unique history.  Space on the tour is very limited and will be on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested, please arrive at the Museum house by 2pm.

One thought on “75th Anniversary Symposium: Sustaining Greenbelt’s Legacy

  1. Very disappointed that half the Symposium was held on a weekday (Friday), making it inaccessible to those who must work that day (including myself).
    I actually registered many weeks ago for what I thought was a weekend symposium – scheduled for Saturday and Sunday – not Friday and Saturday.
    I concede that it was my fault for misreading the information when registering those many weeks ago; it was easy to assume that a two-day seminar of interest to all of us here would be scheduled for the weekend! I actually registered and PAID to attend this event. Upon planning my weekend I realize now that I have missed more than half of this wonderful program!

    Oh well. At least I contributed to the cause – even the box lunch!
    I plan to attend what is left of the Symposium tomorrow.
    Why wasn’t the entire event scheduled over the weekend?
    Just curious, Diana McFadden bowregard2003@yahoo.com
    Busy Greenbelter…….

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