Welcome Spring at the Greenbelt Museum

A young visitor shows off the May bouquet he made at last year's spring event.

Stop by the Greenbelt Museum’s historic house at 10B Crescent Road on May 1 to welcome Spring!  Take a free tour of the Museum house. Get a sneak peek at this season’s Victory Garden.  (Our volunteer garden experts, John Henry Jones and Jim Fatteleh have planted radishes and other early crops.)  

Vintage May basket

Buy a brand new Green from the Start exhibition t-shirt or poster and support the museum’s fundraising efforts. Kids can plant a seed to take home in an section egg carton which can go right in the ground, or make a May basket using repurposed silk flowers and paper plates.  There will also be a cake walk for kids featuring cupcakes instead of full-size cakes. The event is free, so bring friends!